Bricolage generates custom sound design elements for you.

Load a folder of sounds into the instrument, then use generative techniques to create new sounds and sound combinations.


  • Generates 24 sound slices from the sample material, triggered on notes C4 – B5
  • Global controls to reverse all sounds or sound envelopes
  • Nudge slice length and position
  • Adjust pitch for the whole instrument or individual slices
  • Design custom envelopes
  • Input delay
  • Apply phase distortion to sample playback
  • Use an LFO add scrub distortion to slice playback
  • Export the generated sounds as a kit to load into another sampler
  • Bundled with a custom sound library containing 60 original samples


  • Drop a folder of sounds into Bricolage from Finder or Windows Explorer
  • Click the Generate button
  • Play some notes from C4 – B5
  • If you don’t like the sounds, click Generate again for a new set